Establishing your social strategy is imperative. What's yours?
Social Media

Establishing your social strategy is imperative. What's yours?

In today’s digital world, implementing a social media strategy is imperative, and properly executing your strategy across all platforms is essential. Let’s take a look at what a proper social media strategy looks like, and how you and your business can incorporate this into your marketing plan.

The elements of a social strategy

Having an effective plan of action to reach your customers online includes multiple components. Some of the elements that should be incorporated in your social strategy (to increase the likelihood of social media success) include:

  1. A voice or message - what are you trying to say?
  2. A brand personality - how are you going to come across in conveying your message?
  3. A goal or objective - why are you on social and what do you wish to get out of it?
  4. A content plan - what will your social presence look like and what types of content will you be putting out?
  5. KPI’s for Success - how will you measure success on social and what metrics will you use to indicate performance?

The areas to execute your strategy

In executing your strategy on social, it’s important to decide which platforms you plan to be on and what area you plan to attempt to reach your audience online. In determining this, it’s important to look at where your target audience is active, or where you anticipate they will be hanging out in the future.

For example, if your target market is 45-55, then being on TikTok is probably not a necessary platform to be on, compared to Facebook where older demographics tend to hang out. Most people think they need to be on every platform. This is not the case, and often times counter productive. You should not solely be on one, but you also don’t need to be on all of them. Focus on where you can reach your customers and engage with them effectively. Those are the platforms you should be posting on.

Synergy: the key to proper execution

It is important to note the difference between your social media strategy, and your digital marketing strategy. Let’s explain the difference so you can understand what both of them mean, and how they work together to carry out your internet marketing strategy as whole, and help guide your IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) Cycle.

Social Media Strategy: this is your plan of action to reach customers on social media.

Digital Marketing Strategy: this is your plan of action to reach customers everywhere online. In addition to social media, this includes showing up on other websites, Google’s search engine results page, and in their inbox through email.

An effective social media strategy is complementary to your online marketing as a  whole. Simply reaching your customers through one channel may drive results, but utilizing all the online marketing channels available, you will drive even greater results by reinforcing your messaging to the same customers; the same people but in multiple different places.