How to stand out, get noticed, and become recognized forever.

How to stand out, get noticed, and become recognized forever.

With so much content being put out every second, the feed is constantly refreshing and your chances of getting noticed are becoming less and less. As people are posting more and more, the importance of separating your content from others has never been greater.

Differentiating Yourself

Are you blending in or standing out? Following the trends on social won’t get you noticed, and certainly not recognized as the unique brand that your business has the potential to build. You can post the same dance challenge that everyone in America is posting on TikTok but don’t expect people to see it. Why recreate the same generic content that you’re consuming, or seeing from your competition? The goal is to be different. The goal is to be unique. In the social media relay of trying to be like everyone else, being different is the new cool, and your results will be way better (way cooler) as well!

Being unique will get you noticed.

Differentiating yourself begins with being less like others and more like you. It starts with custom engaging content that reflects your business and conveys the message that your brand is trying to deliver. Here are some best practices for creating content that will stop the scroll:

  1. Be Bold. Be unique. Be creative
  2. Use Video & Vivid Imagery
  3. Be Concise But Consistent
  4. Write For Your Audience
  5. Be A Storyteller

Being consistently noticed will get you recognized, and remembered.

The objective of implementing a successful social media strategy is not to get quickly noticed, but to become recognized time over time until people can’t possibly forget you. If your content is engaging with others, and driving results for your pages, and your business, then you are doing something right. Keeping doing that. Exploit it. Focus on what’s working and take it to the next level.

Many small businesses struggle to create quality engaging content, but they struggle even more with doing it consistently. Let’s face it, if your a business owner, you know that your time is constantly being consumed with various tasks that keep adding up. At the end of the day posting on social media is probably near the bottom if not last on your list of things that need to be done. Despite this, you and I both know that you need to do it, but finding the time to do it, and do it effectively, doesn’t seem to exist.